Ja2guides, a collection of Jagged Alliance 2 guides

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As an avid fan of the Jagged alliance series I have over the years read and reread various guides around the internet, and often it has been hard to find it after awhile. This is my attempt to gather guides "under one roof", I hope and wish that you, the players, will contribute to this site with your extensive knowledge of this great game.
I will mostly write guides using the mod/modbase v1.13, a community patch that improves alot in the game, but of course you are welcome to write guides for any version, just make sure you mention what version the guide is intended for.

My favorite Jagged alliance hangout is The Bear´s pit I also have the people there to thank for much of the information I have gathered under the years.

Suggestions, complaints and questions can be mailed to moc.liamg|sediug2aJ#moc.liamg|sediug2aJ

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