Introduction to the New inventory

Background story

When Jagged Alliance 2 was released it did not have too many items to carry around. Don't get me wrong, it was plenty to play around with but usually you would have a few items as standard for your mercs: main weapon, ammunition, first aid kits, gas mask, a pistol, grenades and maybe a knife. In addition to that some (or all) mercs carried special items such as medical kits, toolkits, heavy weapons. The thing is not every merc carried everything so there were no problem with inventory space running out. I often found myself having plenty of room in the inventory to pick up gear I wanted to transport or for use later.

With the release of mods and particularly the 1.13 mod project the amount of items increased and the items you wanted to use was taking up more space. This followed the real world development pretty good, a soldier now carries a lot more equipment than a soldier did during WW2.

Sure new things are fun but this also lead to some problems, problems some players had before 1.13 but now they were even more severe. The big question was: Where should I put all stuff?

How it used to work

This is how it used to work (it can still be used) when Jagged Alliance 2 was released.
A merc had a certain, fixed number of pockets. All in all the inventory consisted of 12 pockets (8 small and 4 large) to which you could add any equipment that could fit into it. Everything fitted into a large pocket but not everything fitted into a small pocket. A large pocket held twice as many (stackable) items as a small i.e you could carry two grenades in a small pocket and four in a large pocket.
In addition to this the merc also had their active slots, two hands, two face slots and armor slots. You could carry anything in the hands but if you were to operate a large weapon both hands would have to be used and you could not stack items in the hands. In the face slots you equipped night vision goggles, extended ears, sun glasses and gas masks. Armor slots naturally held the armor, helmet, vest and pants.

An illustration


This is Lynx without anything carried or worn, the picture shows all pockets and slots.

Now it would be stupid to send him out into combat in this state, even though he is a top merc he would be killed or at the very least would not be able to do his job (killing enemies).

So here comes a list that contain the standard equipment for a soldier in my own games, I think most people use something similar (it is also similar to the equipment the modern soldier carries and wears).

M4A1 carbine with attachments as main weapon.
4 magazines 5.56x45mm match ammunition.
Beretta 92F as sidearm.
4 magazines 9x19 match ammunition.

Armor and worn items:
Dyneema helmet.
Dyneema vest with ceramic plate.
Dyneema pants.
Gas mask.
Night vision goggles (gen. 5).
Extended Ears.
Sun glasses.

Misc. equipment:
2 First aid kits.
3 Light sticks.
2 Grenades.

This could be what a squad leader/scout would carry in to combat. Some of the things can be left out, for example not every merc needs binoculars and light sticks but mostly this is what a well equipped merc should have. Let us take a look on how Lynx look now that he has grabbed his equipment:


As you can see Lynx have used up all small pockets and all armor/face slots. He carries his NVGs on the helmet since it is day, at night they will switch place with the sunglasses. He still have 3 large slots free. Note that the binoculars did not exist in the release version. But that will free one small pocket right? Wrong, since back then you could not add NVGs to the helmet so that would take up another slot or maybe he would like to carry a canteen or a lockpick kit.

This is the only space he has to work with,. This could lead to problems if his squad attacks an enemy encampment and he have to carry some nice loot or if the squad's medic goes down (someone have to carry the med kit, right?) since his pockets will be filled quickly. The only solution is to drop some of the equipment he carries.

About the New Inventory project

As the number of items the modders added increased, the number of items the players wanted to carry with them also increased. So a few guys started to figure out ways to change this. Adding more pockets didn't help, then players would be able to carry way too many large items, for example if they added two large pockets you would be able to carry six mortars or six light machineguns.

So the developers created a system with different sizes for different items. Four magazines would not take up the same amount of space as a rifle. They made pockets of different sizes to help to organize and restrain the use of pockets. An assault rifle magazine pouch would hold 2 5.56 magazines while a larger pocket would hold more and a smaller pocket would hold none. Every item received a size number and items of size X would fit in pocket Y but not in pocket Z.

They also added LBE-vests (Load Bearing Equipment) with their own distinct setup of pockets. A simple hunters vest can hold less items than a modern assault vest. As an example vest A can have 2 magazine pockets, two small general pockets and a large pocket for storing larger things such as a gas mask or even more magazines. Vest B can have 5 magazine pockets but only one small pocket and no large pocket.

Another addition is the two leg slots that each hold one thigh rig. Here you would put your sidearm along with a few magazines in a holster or your 40mm grenades in a grenade rig.

More on the above in the following section.

New Inventory explained

So let us take a look at how Lynx's inventory would look with the New inventory system. Note that the NewInv inventory screen takes up more space than the old, click the image to see details better.


As you can see there have been some changes, perhaps the most striking is that most pockets are gone.

Starting from the left you can see that the armor/face/hand slot is the same as before (red square).

In the upper left corner (next to the key icon, inside the yellow square) you can see an empty pocket with the silhouette of a vest. This is where you put your LBE-vest that will unlock more pockets.

In the blue square you can see, from left to right: thigh pack, knife slot, thigh pack, sling slot and a slot for a combat pack.

The orange area contains the backpack slot and pockets.

Let's pick up some stuff:


This is all the standard equipment Lynx can carry at the moment, armor, face items, his M4 and a few pistol magazines.

Now this is not right, this means he will carry less than before. Now to the nice thing, we can now equip Lynx with different load bearing equipment. First out the vest many mercs come with, the LBE-gear:


As you can see now he can easily carry his four magazines, the light sticks and his gas mask.

Now we will add two other items, a holster rig and a double magazine pouch:


We can still not carry quite as much as with the old inventory, but as you can see we have all 5.56 magazines, both grenades, all light sticks, one first aid kit, the gas mask and the pistol with three magazine (which is probably more than enough, we had four before). Note the knife in the knife slot between the thigh rigs.

So the things we are missing is one first aid kit, the binoculars and one pistol magazine (which I will skip). Clearly we need more space to store things, let's add a combat pack to his back:


The combat pack carries things that are too large for the vest or thigh rigs, it can be compared to the large pocket column in the old inventory. The sling slot will hold another medium/large weapon, everything from SMG's to mortars but it will not hold a medkit, magazines etc. Now we have everything we had with the old inventory and we have one "large" slot left compared to three before so what did we gain with the new system?

In this configuration of equipment, not much at all (actually we lost one large slot) except that it looks better and it is easier to organize. But we have to keep in mind that this is a very standard setup, as the game progress you will get better vests with more and different pouches.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the size of weapons can change depending on the attachments we add. Adding a silencer to the pistol will prevent it from being used in the holster rig (or the normal holster) and it will require a machinegun holster to hold it. Similarly an assault rifle with a telescopic or folding stock will be shorter and able to fit into pockets it couldn't before.

Now if we really want to haul large stuff around we can do that, at a cost:


As you can see I added a large backpack. This pack is made for transportation and not for combat, wearing a backpack in combat will result in penalties in the form of increased action point cost. As you can see I changed the combat pack to another model. The reason for this is that the one we had before is not compatible with a backpack, in fact the combination (TIMS packs) you see in the picture is the only combat pack+backpack that currently work. If you choose any other packs you have to make a choice, either you wear a combat pack or a backpack.

I was thinking of listing every LBE item here but decided against it since the most enjoyable part of the system is figuring out that perfect setup for each of your mercs.

This guide is to be considered final but if anyone want something added or have questions or suggestions feel free to send me a mail to moc.liamg|sediug2aj#moc.liamg|sediug2aj

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