News, updates and upcoming projects

Here I will post news for this site, this also includes updates to the site itself (navigation for example) and planned projects on my part.

Jun. 11 2008

Added a new mode to the the Micro mods page. Started work on a stealing guide.

Feb. 13 2008

At the moment I am very busy with university studies and other things, so no updates are planned however there may be downtimes and then I will try to get something up.

Dec. 10 2007

Nothing to report really, created the news site, but I have some things planned:

  • Finishing the sharpshooter guide.
  • A stealth guide.
  • Guides on different "classes" (medic, mechanic and so on), similar to the sharpshooter guide

Note that I will do this in the order I feel like, I may not feel like finishing one guide completely before I start another, it all comes down to what I want to do at the time.

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