General hints, tips and tricks for v1.13

Here there will be general hints, tips and strategies on Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13, this site will always be editable for every member, so please add your own tips, tactics etc. If you find something that you don´t agree with please don´t delete it, if you find something that is completely wrong by all means correct it.
We will try to keep it short in this section, if you want to give more detailed explanation of a subject, please go ahead and write a guide.
Please don´t add the cheats here, they will get their own site soon, this includes exploits and glitches.
This site will probably contain spoilers later on so read with care. As more tips is added they will be sorted and a list of content will be added.

  • You can use the DELETE and END button to show cover and line of sight, just like in unfinished business.
  • You can use an old I.M.P by typing their nickname into the I.M.P site, instead of the code. 90210 instead of xep624 will also give you your latest I.M.P.
  • You can dismiss dead I.M.P. mercs and hire new ones to replace them.
  • You can create Molotov cocktails by merging a rag and a bottle of alcohol.
  • Pressing 'V' will give you the version number you are using along with the difficulty, Bobby Ray´s selection, Sci-fi selection etc, it´s good to provide this information when submitting a bug report.
  • What do you use a knife for? Knifing, right? Well yes but there is also a few extra things you can do with certain kind of knives. The KCB knife also function as a wirecutter, just put it into your main hand and use like a normal wirecutter. The utility knife (swiss army knife) doubles as a lockpick kit. The rambo knife can be used as a crowbar, use the crowbar option when you get the locked door dialog, obviously it can´t be used to knock people out. There´s also the nasty option of cutting your victims head off, only usable for the terrorists Carmen wants but can be done on all bodies. The knives can also be used to cut up t-shirts to rags, and by now you should know what to do with those!
  • Be sure to scan the horizon (by using L) when you have your weapon at the ready, this is especially important if you have any kind of scope on your weapon since the field of view is limited, it is preferable to have your squadmembers cover one direction each. The END button is good to see where you have blind spots in your coverage.
  • Tired of Skyrider heading back to Drassen or Estoni when the fuel runs out? Just direct him to the sector you want him in and once he gets there doubleclick the sector (selecting the chopper and choosing the same sector again) to have him hover there forever. Useful if you have a quick excursion into the next sector planned and don´t want to walk back or for those times when you need a quick extraction. Note: could be considered an exploit, but it makes sense, atleast in a sector without enemies as he would land (it can be done in sectors with enemies though). The downside of this is that you will have to pay for the heli to fly back to Drassen or Estoni.
  • Acquiring plenty of explosives, but don't have enough detonators for them? A platinum watch and some copper wire can be combined to make a timed detonator.
  • Don't bother shooting that last shot at an enemy that is "dying", they are beyond help and out of combat.
  • If you need to get somewhere fast make sure you don't exceed 100% weight on your mercs, it will slow the squad down.
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